Who are the disciples of the Wild Wereboar?

Everybody who thinks life should be enjoyed from the first grunt in the morning to the last grunt grumbled before going to sleep is probably an innate wereboar. The wereboars live trying to make every single moment of their life worth remembering it. Solemn? Silly? It's not important as long as it's a memorable one... And if it's not going to be so, the true wereboar just strives to fix it by every means allowed (and not).


How can I become a Wereboar?

Being a wereboar has nothing to do with a conscious choice. You simply can't hope to force the mental change trying to act as a wereboar, because the process has to be natural and unconstrained. You have to be naturally wild. Mind that by wild I don't mean crazy or, even worse, stupid, I mean unpredictable.

Have you ever considered going out in the garden at night and yelling a long, wild, fierce howl at the moon? I know you think it's a silly thing to do and you're asking yourself what will your neighbours think of you (should they recognize that lonely shadow as you), but if notwithstanding this you manage to gather the force needed to ignore those secondary things and actually go out yelling at the moon, you will hear your howl grow powerful and come wild from your inner being, free and natural as only feral instincts inside each one of us can be. I can't force you, but believe me. You will truly feel free, powerful, self-aware and confident. You will feel the air smell of earth and water, you will hear each life being around of you grow and decay, and you will be part of it. Your mind will become clear, you thoughts will come free and slow. Even silence will talk to you. Just try it. It will cost you nothing, but will give you a lot. If you are a true Wild Wereboar you will really enjoy the moment.


Why the boar?

The boar is the noblest among the animals (do not confuse boars with pigs). He is not know for its wisdom, his beautiful appearance, his speed or keen vision. But the boar doesn't mind. He needs not to boast a reputation, because he knows his valor, and that's all he needs.


Who is The Wild Wereboar?

Being The Wild Wereboar is the ending goal for each man striving to live as a wereboar. The Wild Wereboar will be the person who will reach in this human age "the Consciousness of the Status of Having Achieved the Supreme Wildness", also known as The Supreme Wereboarhood or simply The Truth. Obviously it's not that easy...