Welcome to The Wild Wereboar Team's den-on-the-net.

Feel your natural power, go wild, be a Wild Wereboar!


On this page you will learn who are the Wereboars, what are they doing, and why.



The Wild Wereboar Team and the Bovine RC5 Effort:

On 21st of November, 1997 we joined the fray!

The Bovine RC5-64 Project is a coordinated effort to beat the RSA Secret-Key Challenge focusing the spare idle time of thousands of computers with access to the internet into the goal of testing assigned blocks of 268,435,456 keys for the right one. More infos about the whole project are available on Distributed Network's WebPages.


Our goal:

The Wild Wereboars aren't very concerned with the original security issues of the RC5-64 encryption algorithm, although we know its importance. We want to give an higher significance to the whole project: we consider this great coordinated effort of thousands of people around the world not differently from the the monumental works of the ancient societies. The Egyptians built great pyramids with huge stone blocks using the sheer power of thousands of slaves, we will repeat those wondrous feats with the unceasing work of our processors till the end of the project.

The Wild Wereboar Team welcomes the contest as the ultimate feat of brutal force: testing 18 446 744 073 709 551 616 keys one by one, bit by bit.

We know we can count just on a little computational power, but we will give our contribute! Put your brick on the pyramid!

To join us you need to download a client for your operating system, register your email address on the Stats server and using the assigned password add you name to our team (number 1308). Also remember to send an email to me (Marco Braga - bragam@tin.it) to see your name and computer stats on this page.

Don't forget to read the FAQ at http://www.distributed.net/FAQ/.


Our numbers:

Check our statistics on the official Distributed Net Stat Server!


We also have now a personal proxy keeping our stats: rc5proxy.monesi.com port 2064.


Our machines:

Machine Specs Rolling at
(Avg keys per sec)
Bkppro Intel Pentium Pro 200Mhz (o/c 233Mhz) (Linux)

RC5: 647,902.59

DES: 1,121,702.22

Marco Braga
Moloch AMD K6-2 350Mhz (o/c 402Mhz) (Linux)

RC5: 659,146.90

DES: 4,922,222.57

Marco Braga
Wimpy AMD K6 233Mhz (Linux)

RC5: 394,225.14

DES: 1,827,093.13

Marco Braga
TheGate Intel Pentium 120 (Linux)

RC5: 160,354.92

DES: 591,787.33

Marco Braga
Raynor Acorn RiscPC StrongARM 200Mhz (RiscOS)

RC5: 253,432.29

DES: 550,253.06

Sergio Monesi
Tassadar Intel Celeron 300A (Linux)

RC5: 814,735.50

DES: 3,302,463.75

Sergio Monesi
Bart Intel Pentium II 266Mhz (Linux) ? Matteo Castelli
Charlie Brown AMD K6 166Mhz (Win95) RC5: 261,985.85 Silvia Meroni
UNet Various RC5: A lot! Cristian Ghezzi
KindDog Acorn RiscPC StrongARM 200Mhz (RiscOS) RC5: 224,719.18 Nick Craig-Wood
Potty Acorn RiscPC StrongARM 200Mhz (RiscOS) RC5:224,719.18 Nick Craig-Wood
? Acorn RiscPC StrongARM 276MHz (RiscOS)

RC5: 333,333.33

DES: 358,107.42

Istvan Horvath
Alpha Intel Pentium 166MMX (o/c 187Mhz) (Linux)

RC5: 417,996.80

DES: 2,829,824.00

Bernardo Dal Seno

Intel Celeron 266

Intel Pentium 200

Intel Pentium 133

RC5: 205,910

DES: ?

Vanni D'Este

Intel Pentium II 300

RC5: 825,098.24

DES: ?

Izaro Lopez-Garcia

2 PentiumII 266 (WinNT)

Celeron 400 (o/c 500Mhz) (Win98)

Some other machines...

RC5: 3,500,000

DES: 12,000,000

Michele Bersani