Bruce Willis

Title Character My rating
The Verdict Courtroom Observer
Blind Date Walter Davis 7.2
Die Hard John McClane 6.8
Sunset Tom Mix 5.8
The Return of Bruno Bruno Radolini
In Country Emmett Smith
That's Adequate
Die Hard 2 John McClane 6.5
The Bonfire of the Vanities Peter Fallow 7.0
Billy Bathgate Bo Widerberg 6.8
Hudson Hawk Hudson Hawk 6.0
Mortal Thoughts James Urbanski 7.2
The Last Boy Scout Joe Hallenbeck 6.8
Death becomes her Ernest Menville 7.0
The player Himself (7.0)
Loaded Weapon 1 Wrong Mobile Home Owner (7.5)
Striking Distance Tom Hardy 5.8
Color of Night Dr. Bill Capa 6.0
Nobody's Fool Carl Roebuck
North Narrator 6.2
Pulp fiction Butch Coolidge 7.5
Die Hard: With a Vengeance John McClane 6.5
Four Rooms Leo 6.8
Twelve Monkeys James Cole 7.5
Last Man Standing John Smith
The Fifth Element Korben Dallas 6.0
The Jackal The Jackal 5.8
Armageddon Harry S. Stamper 5.8
Mercury Rising Arthur 'Art' Jeffries 5.8
The Siege General William Devereaux 5.5
Breakfast of Champions Dwayne Hoover
The Sixth Sense Malcolm Crowe 7.8
Die Hard 4 John McClane
The Story of Us Ben Jordan
Total number of movies: 29
Total number of movies seen: 22 (75.86%)
Mean: 6.51

Real name: Walter Bruce Willis
Date of Birth: 19 March 1955
Wife: Demi Moore



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