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1996/97 Movies

The chart

Title Rating Stars Date
Nirvana 8.8 ***** 24/01/97
Courage Under Fire 8.5 ***** 01/02/97
Phenomenon 8.0 **** 23/10/96
The Spitfire Grill 7.8 **** 29/11/96
Sleepers 7.8 **** 16/12/96
Trainspotting 7.8 **** 16/10/96
Star Trek: First Contact 7.8 **** 15/02/97
From dusk till dawn 7.8 **** 10/01/97
The People vs. Larry Flynt 7.5 **** 08/03/97
The ghost and the darkness 7.5 **** 24/12/96
Evita 7.5 **** 29/12/96
Mars Attacks! 7.5 **** 21/03/97
Jerry Maguire 7.5 **** 26/03/97
The Empire Strikes Back 7.5 **** 12/04/97
Star Wars 7.2 *** 22/03/97
The Rock 7.2 *** 30/08/96
Michael Collins 7.2 *** 20/12/96
Twister 7.2 *** 25/10/96
Mission: Impossible 7.2 *** 13/09/96
Striptease 7.2 *** 06/09/96
One fine day 7.0 *** 30/04/97
The English Patient 7.0 *** 14/03/97
A time to kill 7.0 *** 06/11/96
The Saint 7.0 *** 09/05/97
Ransom 7.0 *** 22/01/97
Michael 7.0 *** 14/02/97
Independence day 7.0 *** 27/09/96
Romeo + Juliet 6.8 *** 27/06/97
The Frighteners 6.8 *** 30/05/97
The Relic 6.8 *** 02/05/97
The Devil's Own 6.8 *** 04/04/97
Dragonheart 6.8 *** 21/02/97
Multiplicity 6.8 *** 08/11/96
Eraser 6.5 ** 11/10/96
Chain reaction 6.5 ** 15/11/96
Spy hard 6.5 ** 04/09/96
Escape from L.A. 6.0 ** 15/01/97
The funeral 5.8 ** 16/11/96
Crash 3.8 - 22/11/96

Total number of movies seen: 39
Movies/Week: 0.91
Mean: 7.1128



Compared to the previous years, 1996/97 has been a fairly positive season (speaking about movies, of course!).

First of all I've seen only one really bad movie, Crash, but I don't regret this, it could have been a 'special' movie but unfortunately it was just disgusting!

There have been other movies that I didn't like much (including Escape from L.A.), others that will be easy to forget (such as Eraser) and some that could have been better (for example The Saint) but generally they have all been acceptable and I almost never got bored at the cinema (with the notable exception of The Funeral!)

The really positive point of this season is that I've seen two very good movies, Nirvana and Courage Under Fire. The first has been advertised a lot but I didn't expect it to be so good, it has been one of the very few italian movies I've seen at the cinema in all my life! The second has been quite a surprise, nobody seemed to care much about it but fortunately I've managed to see it during the only week it has been shown in a local cinema!

Apart from these two great movies there have been other good movies that won't enter in my Top 10 but that have been really enjoyable. These includes the unexpected The Spitfire Grill, the shocking Trainspotting and the surprising Star Trek: First Contact, the first good Star Trek movie I've seen.

I've been quite disappointed by the re-run of Star Wars, I expected more from it and even if The Empire Strikes Back has been a bit better I didn't care to see the third episode of the saga.

A surprising movie has been Evita, I didn't expect to like musicals, let alone to see a movie starring Madonna so high in my chart!

As usual, the most advertised movies haven't been completely bad but not even as good as they could have been. Notably Independence Day, while sporting incredibly good special effects, had so many holes in the plot that the silly Mars Attacks! seemed more sensible!

Finally, in the serious-movie category, the Oscar-winning The English Patient has been less boring than I expected but it is still far too long for my taste. Almost the same applies to Michael Collins and Sleepers although the latter is particularly good for its interesting plot and for the mix of past and present events which make it one of the best movies of the year.

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Updated: 10 Aug 1999