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My main hobby, apart from computing which is also my job, is cinema. With 'cinema' I basically mean watching movies, but I also tried (with dubious results...) to actually direct a short movie in 1998.

In order to 'support' this hobby at home, I bought an Hi-Fi system with Dolby Pro Logic, a stereo videorecorder and a TV (unfortunately only 17" due to space constrictions) and installed them in my own room, I can now have a powerful and directional sound more similar to the cinema rather than to a plain monophonic TV.

Thanks to my friend Cristian I started using EachMovie (and more recently MovieLens), a site that provides predictions for the new movies based on the votes I give to movies I've already seen. The predictions are quite accurate and they should even improve as the number of movies I vote continues to increase.

I am used to give a numerical vote (0-10) to every movie I see while MovieLens uses a scale from 0 to 5, this is the relationship I use in order to convert between the two voting schemes:
EachMovieMy votes
*****8.2 - 10.0
****7.5 - 8.0
***6.8 - 7.2
**5.8 - 6.5
*4.5 - 5.5
-0.0 - 4.2
In my scale, less than 4 is a very bad movie, around 5 is bad movie, 6 is an average movie, 7 is a quite good movie, more than 8 is very good movie.

Reviews ordered by season

I organize my reviews by season (following the 'italian cinematographic year', that is, from the end of August to the middle of July) and I also write a general comment regarding the overall season. Sometimes I write special reviews or comments for special events such as the Academy Awards.

All the reviews

Other than ordered by season, I also provide pages with my reviews ordered alphabetically, by rating and by date. When there will be too many reviews to be organized on a single page I'll consider doing some kind of search engine.

Reviews ordered:

Mailing lists

Do you want to receive via email all my reviews as soon as they are written? For this purpose I am running a mailing lists (, if you want to subscribe, just type your email address in the box and click on Subscribe:

For more informations about this mailing list you can send an email containing the sentence 'info movie-reviews' in the body of the message to

My personal movie charts

The top 10 movies

Title Rating Stars Date
Thelma & Louise 9.5 *****
Highlander 9.2 *****
Dead poets society 9.2 *****
Nirvana 8.8 ***** 24/01/97
When Harry Met Sally... 8.5 *****
Leaving Las Vegas 8.5 ***** 17/04/96
Courage Under Fire 8.5 ***** 01/02/97
Lost Highway 8.5 ***** 23/06/98
City of Angels 8.5 ***** 20/08/98
Nikita 8.2 *****
Blade Runner 8.2 *****
Schindler's List 8.2 ***** 26/07/97

OK, I listed 12 movies... so what? :-)

The worst movies I've ever seen

Title Rating Stars Date
Short Circuit 2 2.8 -
Prêt-à-Porter 3.0 - 17/11/97
Highlander II: The Quickening 3.0 -
Crash 3.8 - 22/11/96
Grease 2 3.8 - 15/12/97
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen 4.0 - 09/10/97
Cutting Class 4.0 - 10/07/97
Cool World 4.0 - 08/05/97
Bad Boy Bubby 4.0 - 11/11/97
Courage Mountain 4.0 - 20/02/98
Cold Steel 4.0 - 31/10/98
To die for 4.2 - 22/09/95

Most of the links above point to IMDB pages (except for any movie I've seen at the cinema after I started writing reviews). I'll eventually produce my own pages for the best movies I've ever seen...


I have no intention to produce some sort of actors fan pages since I haven't a preferred actor and the vote I give to a movie is never influenced by the involved actors. However, I want to group the movies on an actor basis, just to have complete actors filmographies, some biographic data and eventually a few images:
Meg Ryan Val Kilmer Demi Moore Bruce Willis
Michelle Pfeiffer Brad Pitt Sharon Stone Arnold Schwarzenegger
Elisabeth Shue Tom Hanks Nicole Kidman Tom Cruise
Alicia Silverstone Al Pacino Cameron Diaz Matt Damon


Many thanks go to the Internet Movie Database for most of the data included in these pages.
The images of the various movies are taken from many different Internet sites without expressed agreement, they are only small low-quality images so I think I don't need any permission to include them and I hope not to break anyone's copyright, if someone has something to object I'll remove them.
Most of these images are taken from the official site of the corresponding movie, so many thanks to:
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Updated: 20 Aug 1999