Brad Pitt

Title Character My rating
A Stoning in Fulham County Theodore 'Teddy' Johnson
Cutting Class Dwight Ingalls 4.0
Happy Together Brian
The Image Steve Black
Too Young to Die? Billy Canton 7.2
Across the Tracks Joe Maloney
Thelma & Louise J.D. 9.5
A River Runs Through It Paul Maclean 7.0
Cool World Frank Harris 4.0
Johnny Suede Johnny Suede 5.5
Kalifornia Early Grayce 7.8
True romance Floyd 7.0
Interview with the vampire Louis 7.0
Legends of the Fall Tristan Ludlow 7.2
The Favor Elliott 6.2
Se7en David Mills 7.8
Twelve Monkeys Jeffrey Goines 7.5
Sleepers Michael Sullivan 7.8
Seven Years in Tibet Heinrich Harrer 6.5
The Dark Side of the Sun Rick
The Devil's Own Rory Devaney/Frankie McGuire 6.8
Meet Joe Black Joe Black 6.2
Fight Club Tyler Durden 8.0
Total number of movies: 23
Total number of movies seen: 18 (78.26%)
Mean: 6.83

Real name: William Bradley Pitt
Date of Birth: 18 December 1963



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