The Devil's Own

04  APR
One man trapped by destiny, and another bound by duty.
They're about to discover what they're willing to fight, and to die for.

Directed by  Alan J. Pakula
Written by  Kevin Jarre, David Aaron Cohen, Vincent Patrick
Starring:  Harrison Ford (Tom O'Meara)
Brad Pitt (Rory Devaney/Frankie McGuire)
Margaret Colin (Sheila O'Meara)
Rubén Blades (Edwin Diaz)
Natascha McElhone (Megan Doherty)
George Hearn (Peter Fitzsimmons)
Treat Williams (Billy Burke)
Runtime: 110 minutes
One of top Northern Ireland IRA terrorists, Frankie McGuire, escapes to NY, where he, under the name of Rory Devaney, with support of friendly judge Peter Fitzsimmons, lives in the house of Irish cop Tom O'Meara, who doesn't know who Frankie really is. Rory tries to buy some weapons from dealer Billy Burke, while Tom has moral problems covering up his partner cop Edwin Diaz. The problems arise when Tom begins to suspect something about Rory's identity. - Anonymous

I've recently seen many movies regarding Ireland during this year (mainly on TV) but this one is different, Ireland is just the base on which a strong thriller is built.

Actually, the movie is rather strong because there are a few cruel scenes of murders and 'duels' but apart from these, most of the time the plot is vey slow, there are many scenes that could have been removed or at least shortened.

Moreover, it seemed a bit exaggerated to me to see how easily (and cheaply) they managed to buy a lot of missiles that they wanted to export from the US to Ireland using an old boat...

As Brad Pitt says in the movie "This is not an american story, it is an irish story", so there's no happy ending, fortunately. Although this improves the general feeling about the movie, it was quite predictable since the beginning and it won't make me forget the general boredom and weakness of the rest of the movie.

Rating: 6.8  ***

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