Nicole Kidman

Title Character My rating
BMX Bandits Judy
Bush Christmas Helen
Chase Through the Night Petra
Matthew and Son Bridget Elliot
Archer's Adventure Catherine
Wills & Burke Julia Matthews
Windrider Jade
Room to Move Carol Trig
The Bit Part Mary McAllister
Dead Calm Rae Ingram 6.5
Days of thunder Dr. Claire Lewicki 6.8
Billy Bathgate Drew Preston 6.8
Emerald City Helen, Mike McCord's Girlfriend
Flirting Nicola Radcliffe 6.8
Far and Away Shannon Christie 6.8
Malice Tracy Kennsinger 7.2
My Life Gail Jones 7.8
Batman Forever Dr. Chase Meridian 6.0
To die for Suzanne Stone Maretto 4.2
The Portrait of a Lady Isabel Archer
The Peacemaker Julia Kelly 7.0
Practical Magic Gillian Owens 5.2
Eyes Wide Shut Alice Harford 7.0
Berlin Diaries, 1940-45
Total number of movies: 23
Total number of movies seen: 12 (52.17%)
Mean: 6.51

Date of Birth: 20 June 1967
Husband: Tom Cruise



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