Tom Hanks

Title Character My rating
He Knows You're Alone Elliot
Mazes and Monsters Robbie 5.5
Bachelor Party Rick Gassko
Splash Allen Bauer
The Dollmaker
The Man with One Red Shoe Richard 6.8
Volunteers Lawrence Bourne III
Every Time We Say Goodbye David
Nothing in Common David Basner 6.5
The Money Pit Walter Fielding 6.8
Dragnet Pep Streebeck 6.8
Big Josh Baskin 7.0
Punchline Steven Gold
The 'burbs Ray Peterson
Turner & Hooch Scott Turner 6.2
Joe Versus the Volcano Joe Banks 7.5
The Bonfire of the Vanities Sherman McCoy 7.0
A League of Their Own Jimmy Dugan 6.8
Radio Flyer Older Mike
Philadelphia Andrew Beckett 7.2
Sleepless in Seattle Sam Baldwin 6.8
Forrest Gump Forrest Gump 8.2
Apollo 13 Jim Lovell 7.2
The Celluloid Closet Interviewee
That Thing You Do! Mr. White 6.8
Saving Private Ryan Captain Miller 8.0
You've Got Mail Joe Fox 7.0
Dino Dean Martin
The Green Mile Paul Edgecombe
Total number of movies: 27
Total number of movies seen: 17 (62.96%)
Mean: 6.95

Real name: Thomas J. Hanks
Date of Birth: 09 July 1956
Wife: Rita Wilson



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