Mars Attacks!

21  MAR
Nice planet. We'll take it!

Directed by  Tim Burton
Written by  Tim Burton, Jonathan Gems
Starring:  Jack Nicholson (President Dale/Art Land)
Glenn Close (Marsha Dale)
Annette Bening (Barbara Land)
Pierce Brosnan (Donald Kessler)
Danny DeVito (Rude Gambler)
Martin Short (Jerry Ross)
Sarah Jessica Parker (Nathalie Lake)
Michael J. Fox (Jason Stone)
Rod Steiger (Gen. Decker)
Natalie Portman (Taffy Dale)
Lukas Haas (Richie Norris)
Runtime: 102 minutes
When Martians begin to attack the Earth, several groups of people must try to survive. These groups include a reporter and his girlfriend, a top scientist, the president and his family (and aides), a Kansas boy and his grandma, and Tom Jones and people from a casino in Las Vegas. - Guyver

In the year of Independence Day, it is very interesting to see this sort of parody of the 'alien invasion' genre. Mars Attacks! seems to be based on a 50-years old story, no recent books and movies featured an invasion of 'real' martians (ie. aliens coming from Mars!), the flying dishes, the aliens themselves and some minor details (eg. the 'universal translator' with a pointless small spinning satellite-dish on the top) seems to be old-fashioned, and this makes the whole movie even more funny.

The special effects are not as impressive as in ID4 (eg. no battles between airplanes and starships) but they are still very good, especially for the animations of the aliens and the weird experiments they made on the humans. It's a pity that, once killed, the aliens looked a bit too much plastic-made...

Although at the beginning the movie is not very quick and there are some apparently pointless scenes (ehm... most of them are really pointless!), once the aliens appears everything starts becoming much interesting as there are a lot of very funny ideas, which are the main point of the whole movie.

The ending is obviously a bit stupid, this was rather predictable, and the final scenes and the speech of the 'boy who saved the planet' are completely ridiculous and pointless, although the result is not irritating (unlike ID4 whose ending was similarly senseless), actually it is very funny just like the rest of this crazy movie!

Rating: 7.5  ****

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