The Relic

02  MAY
They did the unthinkable. They brought it back.

Directed by  Peter Hyams
Written by  Lincoln Child, Rick Jaffa, Amy Holden Jones, Douglas Preston, John Raffo, Amanda Silver
Starring:  Penelope Ann Miller (Dr. Margo Green)
Tom Sizemore (Lt. Vincent D'Agosta)
Linda Hunt (Dr. Ann Cuthbert)
James Whitmore (Dr. Albert Frock)
Chi-Muoi Lo (Greg Lee)
Lewis Van Bergen (John Whitney)
Runtime: 110 minutes
Museum researcher (Penelope Ann Miller) must find out who-or what- is killing the visitors at the Natural Museum of History. If she can't solve the murders before the big bash for the new exhibition there will be a huge massacre! - Justin Craig

I haven't seen any horror/thriller movie for a while so I expected that this genre had improved with time... unfortunately it hasn't much... Relic is not a bad movie, it is rather catching, the action is very strong, the special effects are good, but it still follows all the cliche of the genre and as a whole it is an easy-to-forget movie.

The suspense is what keeps this sort of movies interesting but everything is far too predictable here and this weakens the effectiveness of most scenes. For example, it was obvious that the lone man who was smoking in the toilet would die while the two children one the stairs wouldn't, let alone the main characters that obviously survived.

The 'identity' of the creature has been pretty evident since the beginning and also the various clues slowly discovered by the characters weren't actually a very interesting revelation.

As usual, the final scenes are so unlikely to be irritating, I prefer less action and more realism... I know it's an horror movie, I'm not criticizing the beast itself but rather the fact that this beast hasn't been able to catch a girl running bare-foot in front of her for a fairly long distance although they seemed to be very close since the beginning of the run!

Rating: 6.8  ***

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