17  SEP
Don't answer the phone. Don't open the door. Don't try to hide.
And whatever you do, don't Scream.

Directed by  Wes Craven
Written by  Kevin Williamson
Starring:  Drew Barrymore (Casey)
Neve Campbell (Sidney)
Skeet Ulrich (Billy)
Rose McGowan (Tatum)
Courteney Cox (Gale Weathers)
Henry Winkler (Principal Himbry)
Runtime: 115 minutes
A teenage girl (Neve Campbell) becomes the target of a killer who has stalked and killed one of her classmates. A tabloid news reporter (Courtney Cox) is determined to uncover the truth, insisting that the man who raped and killed Campbell's mother one year earlier is the same man who is terrorizing her now. Campbell's boyfriend (Skeet Ulrich) becomes the prime suspect. - Robert B. DeSalvo

Definitely a scary movie but not only, Scream manages to be both a good horror movie and a spoof of the horror genre. Usually in this sort of movies there are no direct references to other horror movies but in Scream there are a lot of these (including a character explaining the rules to avoid being killed in an horror movie!) and even various sentences such as "I wanna be in the sequel!".

There are some genuinely frightening scenes and some other scenes featuring gore but this is far from being a splatter movie. Moreover, there are some funny moments and dialogues that usually break the tension and there is nothing scary near the end, so the final feeling is not actually fearsome.

One thing that really makes Scream incredibly enjoying is the continuous reference to various movies (especially horrors such as Nightmare and Halloween), actors (including Tom Cruise and Meg Ryan), directors ('Wes Carpenter', an obvious mix!) and movie characters (such as the school janitor wearing the typical Freddy Krueger sweater).

During the whole movie there are various hints that confuse the audience about the identity of the killer and it is almost impossible to draw the correct guess. The finale, albeit fairly good and even sensible, is probably a bit too long.

Rating: 7.5  ****

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