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Main data:
Born: 24 February 1973 Sex: Male
Country: Italy Occupation: Student/Freelance Programmer

Some highlights of my life:
I was born on 24th February 1973 so now I am 26 years old. I always lived in Biassono, a small town near Milan. I started my studies in Biassono, then I studied at Liceo in Lissone and now I am studying in Milan at Politecnico.

During summer 1994 and in the weekends till December 1994 I worked for IBM in their plant of Vimercate: I did a rather boring and 'manual' job, but they paid very well, and I was able to buy my Risc PC with that money!

On 27th October 1995 I did my first travel by plane to England on the occasion of a computer show (Acorn World 95). It has been a really positive experience, I found a very good friend who kindly gave me hospitality for the three days I stayed in England and I managed to visit London (a tad too quickly!).
I consider this experience as a milestone, that's why I wanted to mention it here! :-)

I worked again for IBM from November 1995 to November 1996, doing basically the same job I did in 1994. This time, not only I gained some money and some working experience, but I also found a group of good friends.

Now, I am working in a not very continous way on various programming tasks and I am slowly proceeding with my studies that will hopefully give me a degree in Computer Engineering before the end of the year 2000...

My possessions:
I live in my parent's house, but since I have no brothers nor sisters I have my own room with my computers, phone, Hi-Fi, TV and VCR and I am quite happy to live there.

My first computer has been a Commodore 64, great little toy! If I think that it had only 64K of RAM, I can't really imagine how I managed to program on it, I even did some word processing!

Anyway, when 64K started to become a bit limited, in 1990 I bought my first Acorn computer, an Archimedes 410/1. Originally it had only 1Mbyte of RAM and no HD but I slowly upgraded it: when I finally sold it in June 1996 it had 4Mbytes of RAM, an ARM3 at 35Mhz, a 100Mbytes IDE HD and RISC OS 3.1. I never upgraded its standard 14" colour monitor, though.

Mainly because of the crap monitor of my old A410, in December 1994 I bought a brand new Risc PC 600. It had 12Mb DRAM, 2Mb VRAM, two HDs (1Gb Seagate and 540Mb Seagate) and the monitor is an Acorn AKF85 (17"). In October 1996 I upgraded the processor to the new StrongARM at 200Mhz and then I bought a new HD (3.2Gb Quantum Fireball) and more RAM (24Mb total).

In October 1998 I bought a PC. It has an ASUS P2B motherboard, a Celeron 300A processor, a 64Mb PC100 SDRAM DIMM, a Creative Graphics Blaster RivaTNT graphic card, a 6.4Gb IBM harddisc, a Pioneer 32x slot-in CD-ROM, an 'el-cheapo' Genius ISA Ethernet card, a SoundBlaster AWE64 and a parallel port Iomega ZIP drive. Yes, it is a boring standard PC...
I have already slightly upgraded my PC, now it has 128Mb PC100 SDRAM and I swapped my ISA Ethernet card with a PCI one.

I have a Epson LQ-500 printer (24 dot) but I don't use it very often... for 'important' printing I can use the Laser printer at University!

Finally, I have a car, a Citroën Saxo, that I use to go every day at University (I really hate bus, subway, train and every other public mean of transport!).

My hobbies:
My hobbies, apart from computing, are movies, TV and pizza!
I'm not used to read many books, mainly because of the limited spare time... when I start reading a good book, I can't stop reading it until I finish it, hence this activity risks to eat most of my time...
I listen to music fairly often, both at home while I use my computer and in the car during the long travels to and from the University. In the original version of this page, about two years ago, this sentence read "I don't listen to music quite often"... everything changes... :-)
I am a champion in the game Risk (:-), I don't fully like Role Playing Games (but probably just because I never found a very good 'master'...), I used to know how to play that card game called Magic but due to financial limitations I never bothered to buy the (expensive) cards...
I don't like sports in general: I don't practice any sport, and I don't closely follow any sport on TV, so you will not find any sport-related link in these pages. I used to be a Formula 1 fan, but since Senna's death I stopped watching GPs on TV...

How to contact me:
My current address is:

Sergio Monesi
Via Trento Trieste 30
20046 Biassono (MI)

E-mail addresses:

Sergio's Photo Gallery!

That's me, during some serious thought... I can't remember what I was thinking about... maybe I was thinking about the blue sky that invaded my room! ;-)
...or maybe I was puzzled by that silly white book I was browsing...

Here's another picture of myself! I was probably working on some complex project... or I was just watching the girl on the beach! ;-)

In both pictures you can see a small part of my 'working desk' and my Risc PC.
Now, here's just my Risc PC. And what about me? Well, maybe I was on the beach... ;-)

That's me together with my friend Nick and his dog, Holly. I am the one dressed in black... Hey, where are you looking? I am not the black shape on the right, I am the one on the left! :-)

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Updated: 14 Aug 1999