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Sergio's Software
On my Risc PC (and, in the past, on my Archimedes) I program a lot. Unfortunately not always my programming effort becomes a real program (ie. most of the times I just do some programming experiment).
Anyway, during these years I managed to produce and release some programs: Apart from these 'successful' projects, I worked on some minor or 'internal' program that never got released. I also aborted some project that ended in a half-finished program. Here's a list of such projects (in order of subjective importance): Myself and Cristian Ghezzi used to run a small italian PD library (called ResPublica) and I wrote some program to run it: My current projects are: Some times ago, during the first development of fsck I wrote a sort of E-Format Map explanation and FAQ... I usually don't like to write a lot of documentation, but that was just an experiment and I liked writing it...
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Updated: 05 Feb 2000