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Sergio's Nexus

Welcome to Sergio's Nexus!

These pages were born in 1995 as my first attempt to write some HTML and they soon became a way for me to distribute my ShareWare programs for Acorn RISC OS computers. In the following 4 years I slowly expanded them with my movie reviews that currently account for most of the content of this site.

Today there are four main sections:
  Movies  -  view my movie charts and read my movie reviews here
  Software  -  you can find all my FreeWare/ShareWare software here, including the RISC OS fsck and PPPdriver
  Computing  -  this section includes all the computer-related things that are not included in the software pages
  Myself  -  these are my very personal pages, have a look at them if you really want to know who I am...

I also have a links page which is mostly useful for myself, although you can probably find something interesting in there, too.

I preferred not to keep the first embarassing efforts of writing these pages but I did keep the 1998 version of this main page, you can still have a look at it...

Please enjoy the visit and if you have already been here be sure you check the ChangeLog (last modified: 10 Sep 1999).

If you have any comment about these pages (eg. "I like the graphic" or "there are too many big images everywhere", etc.) don't hesitate to contact me.

© Sergio Monesi
Updated: 10 Sep 1999