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This page contains various links related to my preferred TV series, shows, etc.
To date, I have some links and comments for: It should also contain some link to the Cardiff's Movie Database and to some italian television that finally has a WWW page... not yet, though...

One of my preferred TV series is Twin Peaks. I missed it the first time it has been broadcasted in Italy but now I have been able to see the whole series, at last, and I also watched the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walks with Me. I really like the Twin Peaks atmosphere, its strange and mysterious plot... I have been a bit shocked by the final episode, I didn't expected that sort of end... It's a pity that there are so many unresolved mysteries, even the Twin Peaks FAQ doesn't answer to all my questions...

Here's some Twin Peaks links:

And finally, a link to the mythical Audrey FTP site:

Another classic TV series that I like is Star Trek, both TOS and TNG (but not the movies that are really crap, IMHO). I think that the whole setting and most of the situations shown in the various episodes are rather improbable (even considering their questionable future context!) and sometimes so childish to be really silly, but I like SF and Star Trek is probably the best SF series I ever seen.
Anyway, I am not a Star Trek maniac, so I will never wear the Federation Logo, nor I will try to learn the Klingon language!
Here's my preferred Star Trek links:

I recently discovered that X-Files is a really interesting series, it is even improving with the new season! Even if I am very sceptical about U.F.O. and other similar things that has no scientific explanation, the episodes are rather intriguing... fortunately they are completely fictional!
I just found the following (yet untested!) links:

Thanks to a friend of mine, during summer '95 I started watching another good series, in Italy it is (rather mysteriously) called Un medico fra gli orsi (ie A doctor among the bears) but the original name is Northern Exposure. Northern Exposure is (actually was) the story of a doctor from New York who has been forced to live in Alaska for four years in a small town called Cicely. Some of the episodes were partially unreal and surreal, others were absolutely funny, others more 'philosophical'...
Unfortunately they stopped to broadcast the series in October 1995 although there are still 15 episodes that have been shown in the States but not here in Italy. I hope that one day they'll continue to broadcast the latest episodes (or restart from the first ones since I missed them!).
From the Northern Exposure FAQ I got the following links:
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