Escape from L.A.

15  JAN
Snake is back.

Directed by  John Carpenter
Written by  John Carpenter, Debra Hill, Kurt Russell
Starring:  Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken)
Stacy Keach (Malloy)
Steve Buscemi (Map to the Stars Eddie)
Peter Fonda (Pipeline)
Georges Corraface (Cuervo Jones)
A.J. Langer (Utopia)
Cliff Robertson (President)
Valeria Golino (Taslima)
Runtime: 101 minutes
It's the year 2013 and an earthquake has separated Los Angeles from the U.S. mainland. A moral majority has taken over the land and anyone who breaks the "law" is sent to the prison island of L.A. The President of the U.S. has a dilemma. His daughter, Utopia has stolen a top secret "black box" from a space research lab and has taken it to the leader of L.A., Cuervo Jones, a violent, ruthless gang member. With the black box Jones will be able to selectively wipe out all electrical systems in the world via an electromagnetic pulse and that doesn't sit well with the President. So he enlists the aid of Snake Plissken, a former war hero turned convict, to retrieve the black box. Plissken's incentive is that they've infected him with a quick acting virus that will kill him in ten hours unless he can get the antidote which will only happen if he successfully returns the box. - Taken from Screen It!

This remake (more than sequel) of Escape from New York is far from good. A part from the fact that, of course, everything has already been seen in the older movie, the whole story is completely unlikely, the various action scenes are improbable, even the main character (Snake) is unconvincing with his forced rude, insolent and sometimes stupid speeches and actions.

The starting point on which the whole plot is based is a secret weapon stolen by the bad guys, this is very common for this sort of action movies, but incredibly this secret weapon is just a simple remote controller able to command a set of satellites! It seems that this is such a weak point that ruins the validity of the whole story.

One of the few 'good' points of the movie is the irony of many scenes, including the silly basketball play where Snake shows his ability with the ball rather than with the fists as in the original 1981 movie. The ending is not so bad, surely it could have been much worse, so in the whole complex of the movie it is a final good point.

Rating: 6.0  **




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