Jerry Maguire

26  MAR
Everybody loved him... Everybody disappeared.

Directed by  Cameron Crowe
Written by  Cameron Crowe
Starring:  Tom Cruise (Jerry Maguire)
Cuba Gooding Jr. (Rod Tidwell)
Renée Zellweger (Dorothy Boyd)
Jonathan Lipnicki (Ray Boyd)
Kelly Preston (Avery Bishop)
Jay Mohr (Bob Sugar)
Regina King (Marcee Tidwell)
Bonnie Hunt (Laurel Boyd)
Runtime: 138 minutes
After developing a conscience, a ruthless sports agent is fired by his high-flying agency. Consequently, he is forced to take on a second-tier wide receiver as a client. - JG

I liked this movie, although I can't find any particularly notably point to note... maybe it's just the movie as a whole that I found good...

The story is original but it wouldn't be very interesting on its own (the genre is the classic career vs love affair), however the movie never becomes boring despite the length (over 2 hours). The end was absolutely predictable since the beginning and it has been the most deluding part of the movie.

The actors are good (and the actresses also very nice...), Tom Cruise seemed particularly inspired for this character. A surprisingly positive note regards the young actor that played the part of Dorothy's son, Ray, he is the most funny, nice and joyful children I've ever seen in a movie!

The various amusing scenes, especially in the first half of the movie and usually connected with some witty speech from Ray, are one of the things that make the movie more entertaining, while there are no remarkable touching or dramatic moments.

Rating: 7.5  ****

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