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If you have already been here before, check the ChangeLog (last modified: 18 November 1998) to see what's new on Sergio's WWW pages!

Hi! This is my first attempt to produce an HTML page so, please, be patient if it doesn't look good at all! I'm a programmer, not an artist, so this pages will not probably look good even when I'll have fully mastered HTML! Moreover, my english isn't always good... sorry!

Anyway, I am Sergio Monesi, a student at Politecnico di Milano. I am studying Computer Engineering and I currently attend the fifth year.

Apart from studying (as little as possible), I program (a lot) on Acorn Computers. If you are not an Acorn fan you are probably wondering about what an Acorn computer is. I wrote a brief introduction to Acorn computers but you may read some Acorn related pages for more informations.

I decided to write these pages for two main reasons:

  1. Provide an 'easy way' for people to download the very latest version of my ShareWare program fsck or to get information about it. In general, I think I'll put in these pages some comments about every project I am doing on Acorn machines, hence every Acorn User may find this pages useful.
  2. Give my 'remote' friends some more hints about myself, my hobbies, my life, etc.
  3. Allow myself to access my preferred links from a single link-page (useful since I use different browsers, such as Lynx, NetScape and Acorn Browse)
hmm... I said two reasons... well, one of them has been added at a later date, guess which one! :-)
If you aren't interested in my 'personal' pages you may want to try my links, browsing through other people's links you may find a lot of interesting stuff!

My hobbies, apart from computing, are movies, TV and pizza!
I'm not used to read many books, mainly because of the limited spare time... when I start reading a good book, I can't stop reading it until I finish it, hence this activity risks to eat most of my time...
I listen to music fairly often, both at home while I use my computer and in the car during the long travels to and from the University. In the original version of this page, about two years ago, this sentence read "I don't listen to music quite often"... everything changes... :-)
I am a champion in the game Risk (:-), I don't fully like Role Playing Games (but probably just because I never found a very good 'master'...), I used to know how to play that card game called Magic but due to financial limitations I never bothered to buy the (expensive) cards...
I don't like sports in general: I don't practice any sport, and I don't closely follow any sport on TV, so you will not find any sport-related link in these pages. I used to be a Formula 1 fan, but since Senna's death I stopped watching GPs on TV...

Should I say something more about me? Nothing else comes to my mind now, but watch these pages!

After all, I enjoyed producing these pages: I like to try to remember (from time to time) my old projects and my past experiences...

If you have any comment about these pages, please contact me.

© Copyright Sergio Monesi, 1997-1999.
Last updated: 23 April 1999