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ChangeLog (ie. what's new on Sergio's Nexus)

10 September 1999
New version (1.35) of fsck.
29 August 1999
New RISC OS 4 compatible version (1.40) of nuke that also gets an entire page dedicated to it.
16 August 1999
New version (1.05) of RealCount.
1 June 1999
New graphic style adapted in all (or most of) the pages.
4 May 1999
Starting the deployment of the new graphics.
23 April 1999
Many minor changes, I'd like to redesign all the pages in order to remove a lot of old/outdate/pointless stuff that seems to be everywhere... I also gave a better name to the whole site, Sergio's Nexus!
1 April 1999
Changed address, once again! I hope this is the definitive place, and it really should be, given that I bought my own domain exactly to avoid further moves. The new address is
18 November 1998
Finally fixed the navigation bar so that it works a bit better with Netscape, it is still not perfectly correct, though...
28 October 1998
I bought a PC... Pages changed accordingly...
30 August 1998
Added new version (1.02h) of the RealCount archive to the RealCount page.
14 June 1998
Added new version (1.01d) of nuke which features a few extra features that will be useful for very paranoid people only!
9 June 1998
Changed navigation bar, again... This one will probably stay in place for some time, though... Fixed various bits in many pages. Added indexes of movie reviews sorted alphabetically, by rating and by date.
4 June 1998
Added Serial Buffer archive to the PPPdriver page (it wasn't easy to find it on Internet).
31 May 1998
New navigation bar placed on the top of most of the pages while the lower (simple) navigation bar has been removed. It is still experimental and a part of it is still missing...
25 May 1998
Changed the appearance of the movie pages, some of them may still need some minor tweaking. Corrected a lot of typos in many pages... yes, I discovered the existence of spell-checker programs today!
14 May 1998
Updated the computing page with some 'recent' changes to my hardware and removed the rather pointless and constantly out-of-date list of PD software I use.
1 May 1998
Updated hsc page and made hsc binaries archive available for download, at last!
26 April 1998
I haven't updated this file for such a long time! Now I decided to 'reverse' it so that newest entries are on the top and older ones at the bottom. The pages are now hosted again by Nick Craig-Wood on a new location, where I have more space and more control on the server. Hence: If you find that there is something wrong with the pages (eg. some broken link or unreadable page) please let me know. Note that until 20 April 1998 some of the software archives haven't been available but now I fixed these problems.
4 October 1997
New PPPdriver DCI4 release (2.30). Added various mentions to my mailserver and my mailing lists.
1 October 1997
The pages are now kindly hosted by Nick Craig-Wood! The movie pages are continuously maintained up-to-date but due to the limitation of the available space the sub-pages won't be uploaded...
29 June 1997
New PPPdriver DCI4 beta-release (2.30j) and final DCI2 release (1.16).
20 May 1997
I finally managed to actually write something in the hsc page! The movie pages have been constantly maintained up-to-date during the recent weeks too.
2 April 1997
All the pages have been converted to hsc, there is a new navigation bar at the bottom of every page (rather than at the top), some pages have been slightly changed, the main page contains a new intro graphic, all the movie pages have been reorganised.
25 March 1997
Added new version (1.02c) of the RealCount archive to the RealCount page.
21 March 1997
New PPPdriver beta-release (2.30e). I am putting a lot of time in the attempt to produce some 'nice' WWW page about the movies I see, so the movies page and all the subpages are under heavy work. Any comment about them is really welcome.
24 December 1996
Added new intro image in PPPdriver page.
22 December 1996
Updated fsck page and included new version (1.31) of the fsck suite. New PPPdriver release (2.21).
16 December 1996
New PPPdriver release (1.15 and 2.20). I know that all the other pages need some update, unfortunately I have no time for this now, maybe next year...
BTW: Who cares? :-)
OK, if you do care, please send me an email! :-)
11 October 1996
New PPPdriver release (1.10 and 2.10).
4 July 1996
Updated fsck page and included new version (1.31d) of the fsck suite.
24 May 1996
Computing page updated (I always forgot to update it...).
22 May 1996
Changed all the buttons at the top of the pages to interlaced GIFs.
21 May 1996
Projects page updated (I forgot to fix it in the past as some project evolved). Info-ZIP page updated to include details on the release of Zip 2.1 and Unzip 5.2. Added/removed some link in my links page.
26 April 1996
Added access counter to the intro page.
20 April 1996
Added new version (0.23) of the FreeDial archive in the PPPdriver page.
25 March 1996
New clickable image added to the intro page: you can now go directly to the most 'important' pages clicking on their names in the image.
18 March 1996
Added the new version (1.02a) of the RealCount archive to the RealCount page. Added intro image to the Magic page. Added FreeDial archive to the PPPdriver page.
2 March 1996
Hopefully fixed some GIF image that didn't display correctly using NetScape 2.XX. Some small changes everywhere!
29 January 1996
New versions of PPPdriver (now both DCI2 and DCI4 versions).
26 January 1996
Some address fixes and a few more links. My new email address ( added to my personal page.
6 January 1996
New picture of me and Nick Craig-Wood added to my Photo Gallery. Added some links and search engines (stolen from Nick's page!) to my links page.
11 December 1995
New PPPdriver release.
30 November 1995
Converted the image in the RealCount page to an interlaced GIF (with a better palette, too).
25 November 1995
New intro image in the fsck page.
23 November 1995
Added links and pictures to the TV page. Added pictures to the music page. Added new experimental intro image in the links page and in the fsck page.
21 November 1995
Added some links to my music page. Improved TV page with some pictures and two new interesting series.
2 November 1995
Added low resolution version of the images in the Photo Gallery. Changed image in the intro page.
2 November 1995
Added some detail about future versions of FCFS. Added low resolution version of the image in the intro page. Added new version (0.02a) of the PPPdriver archive. Added some brief note about Acorn's restructuring in my Acorn page. Slightly changed the RealCount page. Removed the FSCK3 page: I signed a contract with a software house to sell it and I haven't yet agreed with them if I can still provide a WWW page for it or not. Added a mention to my trip to England in my personal page (maybe you are thinking Who cares?... well, it's my very personal page so I write what I want there :-)
24 October 1995
Added link to HENSA (d151) in the RealCount page.
19 October 1995
Added PPPdriver page.
4 October 1995
New title image in the intro page and new backdrop image (actually, there was no backdrop image before!).
2 October 1995
Added new version (1.01) of the FCFS archive.
26 September 1995
Added new version (1.30e) of the fsck suite.
22 September 1995
Added the first official released version (1.00) of FCFS. Removed the NEW! sign to a lot of OLD links!
19 September 1995
Added the first official released version (1.01) of the RealCount archive to the RealCount page.
7 September 1995
Changed FSCK3 page: the images has been scaled down and a new image added. The full version of the images can still be downloaded separately. Added new version (1.01c) of the RealCount archive. Added new version (1.01a) of nuke Added new version (1.30d) of the fsck suite. Internal reorganisation of the files.
21 August 1995
Small changes here and there... RealCount moved from the 'current projects list' to the 'released programs list' in the projects page. Added new version (1.01b) of the RealCount archive. Added the fsck suite history page. Modified the fsck page to allow registered users to download the latest (intermediate) version (1.30c).
30 July 1995
Added news about future versions of fsck. Added beta release of RealCount.
30 June 1995
Added details of my new RealCount project.
16 June 1995
Added details of FCFS to the projects page and added FCFS page. Modified button bar at the top of the pages.
14 June 1995
Modified some bits'n'links here and there...
4 June 1995
Added buttons at the top of every page. Added my icons page and the archives of my 'released' projects. Improved TV page and amended link page (ie. some link added, some link removed). Modified (just some bits) most of the other pages.
27 May 1995
Updated Info-Zip page to include the RISC OS documentation and the ChangeLog file.
20 May 1995
Fixed some wrong link. Added some stuff to the main page. Movie page updated (actually started...).
17 May 1995
First appearance of these pages on Internet!
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