Cameron Diaz

Title Character My rating
The Mask Tina Carlyle 5.8
The Last Supper Jude 7.0
Feeling Minnesota Freddie 5.2
Head Above Water Nathalie 7.0
She's the One Heather 7.0
A Life Less Ordinary Celine 7.0
Keys to Tulsa Trudy
My Best Friend's Wedding Kimmy Wallace 7.0
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Blonde TV Reporter (5.8)
There's Something About Mary Mary Jensen Matthews 7.0
Very Bad Things Laura Garrety 7.2
Being John Malkovich Lotte Schwartz 7.8
Invisible Circus Faith O'Connor
The League Manager
Total number of movies: 11
Total number of movies seen: 10 (90.91%)
Mean: 6.80

Date of Birth: 30 August 1972



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