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HSC (HTML Sucks Completely)

Written by Thomas Aglassinger

RISC OS port by Nick Craig-Wood & Sergio Monesi

HSC is an HTML pre-processor, ie. it reads files written in a pseudo-HTML format and converts them in proper HTML files by performing various operations.

In particular, it performs a limited syntax check, tests the presence of local links, images, etc., strips useless white-spaces and, most importantly, provides a powerful way of defining HTML-like macros. This is particularly useful to keep a consistent style across a number of pages and saves time when things must be changed globally.

For example, have a look at the bar at the bottom of all my pages, this is created automatically in every page so that the button corresponding to the same page is 'shaded' automatically, all I have to write in the 'source file' is <STDNAVBAR> while in my macros file I have the full definition of the STDNAVBAR macro.

Another very useful feature of HSC is the automatic handling of project files and dependencies, this means that HSC can be effectively used like a C compiler using a Makefile. Due to the way HTML filenames are handled on RISC OS by the various browsers we had to compile a special port of the PDMake utility so that the Makefile can use files in Unix notation (eg. ../MyHTML/fsck.html corresponding to ^.MyHTML.fsck/html under RISC OS).

The RISC OS-specific sources have been included in the main HSC sources archive so you can download them directly from the hsc - Support page and compile the program yourself.


You can download the latest version (HSC and PDMake binaries, documentation and examples files but no sources) from here:

For more information, documentation and sources of HSC you can look the hsc - Support page. Other informations about HSC and its RISC OS port can be found on the Nick Craig-Wood's hsc page.
© Sergio Monesi
Updated: 29 Aug 1999