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FCFS: FileCore Image Filing System

© Nick Craig-Wood and Sergio Monesi 1995-97

FCFS is an image filing system that allows you to read FileCore disc images.
This means that you can 'copy' a whole floppy or hard disc image (ie all the disc's sectors) to your harddisc and then access it as if it was a directory.
FCFS provides a desktop front end for the (multitasking) creation and restoration of disc images.

There are two main reasons for copying a FileCore disc into an image file:

  1. Backing up a hard disc onto another hard disc, FileCore takes about 10 times longer than reading and writing all the sectors at low level. FCFS does read the disc at low level during the creation of an image, hence it is much quicker than a 'plain' FileCore copy operation.
  2. Maintainers of PD libraries may like to keep all their floppies on hard disc (stored as FCFS images), so they will easily write them back to floppy but also access their content as if every single file was directly stored on the hard disc. Again, restoring a whole image to floppy is much faster than copying its content 'manually'.

FCFS images come in three types, standard, compacted and compressed:

FCFS is a read-only filing system.

FCFS is SHAREWARE: this means that if you use it for more than 30 days then you MUST register. For more informations about registering and conditions of distribution, read the "Conditions of use" section of the !Help file.


You can download the latest version from this page:
FCFS is also available at HENSA (d148), although we can't guarantee that they have the very latest version.

Nick has his own FCFS WWW page, have a look at it for more informations about FCFS (including screenshots and online manual).

If you have any question about FCFS, bug reports, suggestions, etc. you can contact the authors at
© Sergio Monesi
Updated: 29 Aug 1999